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Compatibility with Big Sur

Are there any known issues with connecting to a Mac running Big Sur?

When I connect to my MacBook from my Windows computer (which is next to the MacBook) the connection randomly freezes and the screen stops updating. I can still see the mouse moving on the MacBook, but the display just doesn't update.

I can maintain a connection without issue to other Windows computers in my house without issue for hours.


  • JeanK
    JeanK Posts: 3,655 Moderator

    Hello @CMTietgen,

    We do not have any compatiblity issues with Big Sur.

    However, what you could try is to use the Refresh screen button within the remote control session:

    French Community Moderator
  • CMTietgen
    CMTietgen Posts: 1

    Sorry it took so long, but the issue isn't resolved by refreshing the screen in the method you mentioned.

    I have tried new network cables and a new network adapter and the problem persists. Once my new switch arrives, I will try again.

    All I know is this issue is only happening when connecting from my PC to Mac using wired connection on a USB-C hub. If I connect via wifi, I don't have the issue.

    That being said, connecting from PC to PC using the same USB-C hub and network switch and cable has no issues.

    And just to be clear, it's only the display that stops rendering. I have the Mac sitting right next to me and I can see the mouse move and do whatever I want. The remove display on the PC just freezes.

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