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Hello, when I connect to a server, I remain blocked on "in the course of connection" and nothing moves.


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    Dear @sébastien,

    thank you for your post.

    First of all I would like to clarify that if you want to use Teamviewer on Server OS a license is required, if you do not have a license you can click here  and ask for a quotation.

    On server operating systems, TeamViewer operates with the Enhanced multi-user support Option (activated by default for TeamViewer 9 and later) which is under Options->Advanced.

    This option generates an individual TeamViewer ID for every user who connects to the server using Remote Desktop (RDP) by Microsoft as well as for the physical console. Therefore, parallel and individual work of each session is possible.

    The Info Dialog now displays two different IDs:

    • Server ID:
      • TeamViewer ID of the console of the server operating system (as if one were physically sitting in front of the server)
    • User ID:
      • TeamViewer ID of the user logged into this server using RDP.

    I think you are trying to connect to the User ID instead of the Server ID, that's why the connection cannot be established.

    To check which is the Server ID of your remote Server please connect to it via RDP and click on the blu exclamation mark next to the ID, it will show a popup (Info Dialog) where you can find the information about the Server ID and User ID.

    Take the Server ID, close the RDP session, and try to establish a connection to the Server ID.

    Take care!


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  • Hi,

    Since today im getting this error too when I try to connect from Win10 to MacOs there is a way to solve this problem??

    It was working well yesterday until update