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Trouble with SHIFT key while connecting to host

Gryxx Posts: 1

Version: 5.13.6

Affected distro: openSUSE Tumbleweed, KDE Plasma, up to date as of 15.01.2021

The bug is not consistent, it can disappear for seconds or minutes. Usually reconnecting fixes it for a period of time. If you try going out of focus of TV windows while having enabled send keystrokes to host it can start working again too. The bug affects me with the keystroke option off too.

Description of bug:

While you are connected and typing some shortcuts won't work on host. It seems like SHIFT key is constantly pressed- the mouse is selecting with click instead of selecting one. Links in browser and folders in Windows are being open in new window. It interferes with console shortcuts on Linux. For some reason it does not affect letters, they are not uppercase. Of course it works normally on system - I can use any shortcut on my machine, the problem exist only in TeamViewer window

This does not affect Windows client, and was not tested on another distros. It affects two different computers (both running Tumbleweed).

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