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Wrong password on windows 10 pro ** Read update **

*** Update ..... Couldnt delete the post, so now i write here ...

Problem solved...... It was a stuck key on the attached keyboard that made that problem... So not a teamviewer issue...  - Sorry for the trouble ,,,,

Hi there,

I have a problem with getting newest teamviewer working correctly on a windows 10 pro 64 bit pc.

I have installed HOST version (also tryed normal teamviewer) and it installs fine.
I give it a password and everything works fine when a user is logged in on the pc.

But when no user is logged in, i just get Account name and Password Incorrect (in windows on pc im trying to reach) and there is a OK. Nothing happens when i click on it and i cant get away from that login screen showing Wrong Password. ??

Then i can login from RDP and everything is fine... then when logged in i try teamviewer again.. now it works... ?? I have no clue of what causes this problem or how to fix it.. Have never had this issue before....

It's a brand new pc and nothing except windows and teamviewer is installed on it yet..

What to do ?

ps, have also tryed to change PC users login to same password as teamviewer just to see if that did any changes... It did not... Still the Wrong Password screen and then i cant do anything from teamviewer...

Please help me out as i have to deliever this pc in a couple of days. And will have no possibility to access witout teamviewer!


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