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How to connect a Win10PC (target) to MacOS10 (host)?

I understand V10 is the most current version available for my MacBookPro running Sierra OS10.12 (and no longer supported by TeamViewer's current version).

That said, I installed Teamviewer V10 fine. Then installed the current Teamviewer version on the Win10PC.

First time I tried to connect to it from my Mac, the error msg was: "Version out-of--date: Update the remote Teamviewer" with comment= 'The remote TeamViewer is running an old version which is out of date. Therefore you cannot connect to this version anymore."

Strange, as Win10 is the remote and is running current software and it is me on the older MacBook.

So I uninstalled the Teamviewer software on the Win10PC and reinstalled the TeamViewer V10 version (got it on the same page as where I got the Teamviewer V10 software for my Macbook.

And I got the same error message.

Seems the only option is to click help/upgrade... but that will install the current version (which I had originally done).

How can I connect the two machines?

Thanks ;-)

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