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Clearing out the "thank-you" pop up for a disabled user?

My mother is in the hospital and has limited use of her hands there. With family visits highly restricted due to Covid, I've had her laptop set up in her room as a Skype station, and family can call in and talk to her thanks to Skype's "auto answer." I use Teamviewer to set all this up and keep it running and do other things for her on her computer. It works well for that.

Unfortunately after each session the pop-up dialog box appears, on top of other windows. Unable to click on it herself, it remains there, blocking the view of people who call her on Skype.

I understand the purpose of the pop-up, to remind people that Teamviewer is generously offering the program free for non-commercial uses such as this one. However, if there were a way to have it only appear on the controlling computer and not the system under control, or to make the pop-up on the controlled system time out after a short time, or to have it be underneath new windows (like skype) that would stop the problem, which makes the program much less useful.

If I buy a one-month subscription (it's not even clear if you can buy for one month, the site suggests only annual is allowed) does it remove the pop-up from both systems? I would get the subscription to control her computer, it would not be tied to hers.


  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 3,145 Community Manager

    Hi @bradtem

    First of all: I hope that your mother feels better soon and can come back home quickly.

    And I am sure she is 100% happy that you set up her device for staying in contact with her family and friends.

    However - you are right: Only having a license activated during a connection keeps TeamViewer from displaying the Thank you PopUp. Currently, all TeamViewer licenses are sold annually. That means that monthly subscriptions are not available.

    While I understand that this PopUp is a problem for your use case, I do not recommend buying a license for private use. Is there by any chance someone available that can click on the "X" button on the popup once?

    I hope that you do not need to re-connect often after the initial setup for her comms-tool is done so that external help is only needed one time.

    Thanks and all the best for your mother,


    Community Manager
  • bradtem
    bradtem Posts: 2

    Thanks. Alas, it is necessary to connect frequently. She is not very good with her mouse so I do things for her like play music and videos for her to watch -- but that's no good if she now has a dialog box over the movie.

    I would suggest that you could have the dialog box expire after a minute. You want to remind users that the free subscription is only for personal use, but popping it up for a short time can do that. Does it pop up after every session? Perhaps it should pop up only once a day as well? In reality though, it mostly should pop up for the controller, not the slave computer, as it is the controller who you want to buy a subscription.

    Of course, there is no way for the remote controller to get rid of the pop up. I should hope that Teamviewer might want to modify this to help the disabled and ill, particularly in Covid. Many patients are isolated from their families -- almost all of them today.

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