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Updated EULA



  • G6JPG
    G6JPG Posts: 11 ✭✭

    Thank you for trying to explain, particularly in a language other than your own.

    You say "many" changes are only restructuring of the EULA into modular form. Since you say "many" rather than "all", could you explain what are the changes that are not just related to making the EULA modular - in other words, what are the real changes?

    Thank you.

    Could you also give us the email address to which we should send any written objection (clause A.6 of the EULA at

    , which URL we were given in the 2021-1-23 email)?

  • rockzl
    rockzl Posts: 0

    I got this email, where can I use the right to file an objection?

  • Andyandes
    Andyandes Posts: 4 ✭✭

    This clarifies nothing. What kind of changes are going to happen? How exactly can I object these changes? What are sections A.I.10.1 and B.I.11.1, which you mention in email, but are absent in EULA linked to the email? And finally, why are you still silent? 15 days are passing in couple of days.

  • Andyandes
    Andyandes Posts: 4 ✭✭

    This clarifies nothing. What is exactly changing in updated EULA? Why EULA linked in email does not have sections A.I.10.1 and B.I.11.1, that are mentioned in the same email? How can I object those changes, that I can't even see? And finally, WHY ARE YOU STILL SILENT? 15 days given to object are passing in couple days.

  • G6JPG
    G6JPG Posts: 11 ✭✭

    I think UK's "unfair contract terms" legislation will apply here - the company's atrocious and uncaring attitude will further weaken their case, but one fundamental aspect of the legislation is that you cannot be held to terms you cannot see until too late (the example usually given is terms printed on tickets such as those for a bus or car park which you don't get until you've paid). In this case, the "sections A.I.10.1 and B.I.11.1" being mentioned in the original email but not being present in the EULA linked to in that same email is more or less a textbook example.

    One could still imagine the situation was/is unintentional, but will persevere nevertheless. The expiry of the period to object will be irrelevant (the absence of any detail of where the objections are to be emailed will also be relevant).

  • yavuzkurt
    yavuzkurt Posts: 11 ✭✭

    Like any software company, they get you hooked on the free version which does something useful, then force you to update and change the terms of service so they can monetize you.

  • G6JPG
    G6JPG Posts: 11 ✭✭

    TeamViewer: This is my formal objection in writing to changes in the EULA, as specified in section A.6 of the EULA to which you provided a link in the email you did send out. I therefore expect - as specified in that same section - to continue under the previous conditions.

    (This is a repeat of the above, just stated here as unambiguously as I can.)

    In practice, it looks as if the only change is the possibility of advertising appearing; I would not object greatly to this, as a way of paying for something we otherwise get for free, though I hope it will be clear that they are separate if they appear on the remote computer, as otherwise they will confuse the elderly or blind people I help.

    I think - I hope - that the misunderstanding here is perhaps because the majority of people at TeamViewer are not native English-speakers, rather than any deliberate intent to be mendacious.

    P. S.: You can stop awarding me badges🙂, if that will help get this sorted.