Change Easy Access Account

I have previously assigned easy access to my personal account to my work machine. Work has purchased a business licence for TeamViewer and I now have an account attached to my work email.

I can only revoke or reallow easy access for my personal account but I would like to "forget" my personal account and go through the process of granting easy access to my work account. There does not appear to be any way to do this with in the TeamViewer client.


  • Domomi
    Domomi Posts: 1 Newbie

    I have the exact same issue.

    There is no way to change the User granted for Easy access. The user no longer works here and it needs to be changed.

    logging in and toggling the easy access only allows the old account access, but not the logged in account.

  • Why am I not surprised no TV answer to this question? Does anyone else despise the support of this company?

    I am still trying to cancel my account after over 45 days of continued battles with these people, its sickening how they treat their customers. Did either of you find an answer to this problem because I haven't nor has a support request been answered by TV when I submit a ticket.