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Questions about company administrators, master accounts, and user created objects.

I have a group of service engineers with different specialties and want to centrally segment their access to customer end points based upon their expertise. The engineers have been creating their own groups of computers and contacts, but I can't see them from my company administrator account unless the engineers share them with me. Is this expected behavior?

I've read Using a Master Account for the TeamViewer Management Console - TeamViewer Support, and this is what I want. I hadn't read this article before setting up the company on TeamViewer - Do I obtain the same effect by setting up the company so that there is only one company administrator account used to centrally administrate everything, or is there something I don't have access to because I didn't follow the exact steps in "Getting Started"? Once my company is set up this way, will my individual engineers still be able to create their own groups and put objects in them without the master account having visibility into them?

Much obliged


  • jrippe
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    Why aren't questions like this answered in a timely manner by Teamviewer staff? Absolutely ridiculous.