Click issue with Samsung S8+


On the Samsung Galaxy S8+, when you install "Quick Support for Samsung" and try to control the phone remotely, clicking on something actually clicks above it (similar to the old days and misaligned digitizers). I'm guessing it is due to the on-screen buttons now with the S8. My S7 does not have this issue.


  • Ny_mapp
    Ny_mapp Posts: 1

    Same problem for me! So irritating, otherwise, i love it!

  • francorg
    francorg Posts: 1
    Same problem and I can’t even click on the NavBar because the click is offset.
    Can you click on the NavBar?

    Moreover if the S8 is locked in the Always On Display, I cannot unlock it.
    Do you experience the same?

    Thank you,
  • Blanx
    Blanx Posts: 1

    Same here - it looks like there is a pixel offset in vertical. We are not able to leave the teamviewer screen without help from the client (because we cannot operate the navigation bar at the bottom). Very bad situation...

  • dezio1900
    dezio1900 Posts: 1

    Same issue here with Samsung S8, Please FIX THIS!

  • MissionIT
    MissionIT Posts: 1

    Way better to use "Teamviewer Quicksupport" vs. "Teamviewer QS for Samsung", it worked perfect with TV QS..