Bugs in new File transfer

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The new file transfer looks fancy, but has some bugs:

1. Clicking on a remote file, then change something (for example folder on local file) disables the "recieve" button. This is ok, but when you want to enable the button again, it is not enough to click the same file again, you have to click another file and then back to the same file.

2. Buttons to go up one folder (Backspace) or go to last folder do not work most of the time. This makes it difficult to navigate trough folders as you always have to edit the path-line.

This happens everywhere, where we have Server in version 11 but client in version 12.


  • Julia
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    Hi DominicB,

    Can you please tell us which TeamViewer version is installed on both sides (you can find the build number by clicking on "Help - About TeamViewer")? It would also be good to know which OS is installed (also for both sides).

    Thanks in advanced

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  • DominicB
    DominicB Posts: 2 ✭✭

    Both sides have Windows 7.

    Client side has version 12.0.80984, Host has Version: 10.0.47484.

    We plan to update those hosts, but there are about 50 and I don't want to do this when nobody is on site.

  • Caperkev
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    i am also having issues uploading folders. When you click on the folder on the pc end and send it to a device it breaks all the sub folders up to the root of the location you are copying to.

    Never did this before the latest upgrade.

    using Host 11.0.5748 and quicksupport 10.0.3086 for Android.

    Any suggestions

  • StephanK
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    I see the issues with navigate up button, too. It is annoying to do all this by manually editing the path by keyboard.