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My teamviewer ID got changed every time I reboot my system

bWFp Posts: 1 Newbie
edited February 8 in Linux only

I have my teamviewer installed on xps 17 9700 running Manjaro Linux. Every time I boot my system, the teamviewer ID got changed and I have to active my "new device" again to be able to use the software. It wasted one transfer time of my licence. Here is something I found in my logfile which might be related to this issue. Let me know if you need more infomation, thanks!

2021/02/08 10:50:18.315  GX0   Initialised XFixes extension (base=87 error=140)
2021/02/08 10:50:20.862  GX0!! DecryptByteArray exception: StoredDataCipherAES: Invalid Ciphertext, error: "StreamTransformationFilter: invalid PKCS #7 block padding found", Errorcode=11
2021/02/08 10:50:20.862  GX0   DynamicPasswordUIModel::ShouldShowDynamicPassword(): dynPw=1 allowIncoming=1 id=8**** ka=0 lanAllowed=0 lanOnly=0 networkState=1 showDynPwd=0
2021/02/08 10:50:20.862  GX0   IDLabelContent::UpdateImpl() IDs changed: SessionID "8****", TSUserID "0", ServerID "0"
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