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Unable To Connect

When I log into Teamviewer I see my computers, my own, my laptop, and my mother's computer.  The Connect button is showing so she is logged on.  When I use my tablet to connect to her computer all is fine, and I can help her as needed.

However, when using my computer to try to connect I get the little blue spinning thing after clicking Connect but that's it.  I have whitelisted popups for in case that is the problem but that does not appear to make a difference.  

I am at a loss as to why the app on my tablet works just fine but the program used through Chrome (I also tried Firefox with the same results) does not.

What should I do to get this working?  It has worked in the past but her computer died and I had to reinstall Teamviewer on it, removing the old computer from my list and adding the new one.  This should work but simply is not.

Thanks -



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