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How to connect to someone with a newer version of teamviewer?

Hi, I am not able to install the latest version, but could install teamV. version 14. The other person has the latest version. She could not install the older version ( Version 14) it seems. How can I connect?


  • beck2ham
    beck2ham Posts: 1 Newbie

    Yeah. Haven't found a resolution to this myself when I was stuck with having to help my mum with her laptop either. It becomes a slightly tedious task using other remote clients to first update her teamviewer.

    You might ask why then I don't use other remote clients. Well, the answer is that I've found teamviewer to be better at remotely using Memu in comparison to other remote clients.

    And whenever I update my teamviewer, I set a reminder to update my mum's when I get home.

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