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What is the best way to manage 400+ computers?

Hey everyone,

my IT-department is fairly new to TeamViewer as we just got our license (corporate plan).

Now we would like to get started but were wondering, what the best way would be for our case.

We have over 400+ computers in 5 regions and one IT team member for each region.

The plan is to use team viewer as a remote support tool as well as a way to provide remote updates when the user isn't working.

The current idea is that each team member assigns the devices manually and locally (since the admin password is needed for the installation) to their TV-account. But would the other team members be able to help out for those users as well?

What would be the best practice for this case?


    SAVJR Posts: 2 ✭✭

    We have created groups for our workstations. then we have assigned Support staff to the desired groups we want them to have access.