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Notice from Creditreform for unpaid charge.

I had purchased the licensed version of Teamviewer 2 years ago. The license expired in Nov last year. I then decided to not renew my license any further.

Unbeknownst be me, an invoice had be sent to me by Teamviewer which went into my Spam folder. A few reminders were also sent but they were also in the Spam folder.

My account was then downgraded to 'Free User' from 'Licensed User' which is what I expected since I did not renew my subscription.

However, now I have received a notice from creditreform, a debt collection agency informing me of unpaid dues, slapping me with late charges and other fees.

What do I do? I never wished to renew my license and I have been using the free version of the software, as I should have been.

Any help would be appreciated.


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