Workflow for dealing with mismatched screen resolutions between client and host

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Hi there,

I am trying out using Teamviewer to remote control my Linux workstation from a Macbook Pro.

So far it is great except for the fact that my Linux box is using an ultrawide 3440x1440 resolution monitor and Nvidia drivers, and my Macbook Pro is a retina display 2880x1800 monitor.

When Teamviewer connects to the Linux box the aspect ratio is so wide that I'm losing a lot of screen real estate with just black bars above and below the screen area, and since my Macbook monitor is only 15" everything is tiny on screen, not just text but buttons and images and the whole works.

What I would like to do is be able to have access to a custom screen resolution in Teamviewer to switch the resolution on the Linux box to something like 2304x1440, so that the aspect ratio matches my Macbook and uses the whole screen. I only want Linux to switch to that resolution when I connect with Teamviewer and then to be able to switch it back to 3440x1440 once I disconnect.

Is this possible at all?

I am using Arch Linux with i3 as my window manager.

I tried manually setting the screen resolution using xrandr --fb 2304x1440 on the Linux box, however that doesn't show up as an available resolution in Teamviewer when I connect. On top of that i3 doesn't seem to respect that 2304x1440 resolution and full screen apps disappear off the right hand side of the monitor screen area.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!