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i am trying to set up a raspberry Pi to install into a remote network of mine. Everything worked perfectly while I set it up at home, but as soon as I connect the PI in the remote network and try to connect, I get the following error in the logs:

2021/02/25 12:00:32.572 10784  2765745 0 CreateClassicSession::HandleRequestRouteResponse(): Response: [email protected]= Timeout=0 TranserRate=0 ActionId=0 PassiveUserId=0 UsedLicenseType=0 IsClientReportingStatistics=0 TimeoutMessage=0 LimitedStreamTypes=0 StreamBandwidth=0 StreamLimitString= LicenseFeatureSetActive=[Uninitialized] LicenseFeatureSetPassive=[Uninitialized] DomainName= BlockZoneRemainingTime=0 PassiveUserPublicKey=0x0 CommercialBlockerOffender=Unknown NoSessionMessages

2021/02/25 12:00:32.573 10784  2765745 0 SessionControl::TerminateSession: Termination before establishing the Remote Session

2021/02/25 12:00:32.573 10784  2765746 0!! LoginOutgoing: ConnectFinished - error: LicenseNeeded, Errorcode=35

The network may look like that of corporate environment because of very strict IP-Tables (which is why I wanted TV in the first place). Does TV detect that and think that I am not doing personal use? I mean, its a raspberry PI running Raspbian, not some huge server.

any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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