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Disabling Easy Access as a policy over a large Group

Hey guys,

we are using Teamviewer in conjunciton with Microsoft Intune and are installing the Teamviewer Host in the enrollment process on our devices.

We figured out that, as default, the easy access option is allways enabled, and we actually dont want that. Our users are complaining that we can easily access their workstations without their permission, and honestly its a legit complain.

So we want to disable easy access on all our device groups the easiest way possible. Sorry but I just dont find an option in the policies, that can help me with this issue. Is there really only the way to disable this on every machine itself?

Thank you


  • JeanK
    JeanK Posts: 3,677 Moderator

    Hello @Parad0x,

    Currently, there is no feature capable of disabling Easy Access in a bulk action.

    You will have to do this manually on each device.

    French Community Moderator
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