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How can I as a presenter avoid being muted about 75 times during a 90 minute presentation? I had to click the mute/unmute icon repeatedly to be able to unmute and speak through the mic. I did nothing that would have caused Teamviewer to mute me. I initiated another meeting and I was muted through no action of my own after being able to speak through the mic for less than three minutes. 


  • Jonathan
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    Hi wilmanjf,

    Thank you for your post!

    Sorry you are having such difficulties with the meeting function on the software.

    From what you described, it does not sound like this is normal operation with you having to continuously unmute yourself to transmit audio.

    Have you tried updating your software to the latest verion of TeamViewer?

    If you could ensure your software is on the latest version and retry the meeting to see if you get the same result, the next step may be to submit a ticket to our technical support team.

    Looking forward to your response!

    All the best,


  • wilmanjf
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    Thanks for the reply.

    I uninstalled Version 11 and installed Version 12. The frequent muting issue still occurred. Will contact the technical support team in a couple of weeks when I have some free time.

    I did not have an issue with frequent muting on TeamViewer prior to  Dec. 5.