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Buying remote access license online - The payment is REFUSED

CaptAm Posts: 2 ✭✭


The friend of mine wants to buy remote access license online. After selecting a product and proceeding to checkout and entering all bank card data - she gets "The payment is REFUSED" response.

The card have internet payment enabled, enough funds in it, etc. She contacted bank - they confirm, that there were no attempts to charge the card.

It's impossible to reach the support, as they are providing support for licensed users only, which is ridiculous to ignore users, who are just willing to pay money...

Please advise.


  • Fiona_G
    Fiona_G Posts: 689 Staff member 🤠

    Hi @CaptAm,

    We are sorry to hear that. In this case, we recommend using another payment method (e.g. Paypal) or contacting our sales team to place the order for you

    Kind regards,

  • CaptAm
    CaptAm Posts: 2 ✭✭
    edited March 3

    Hello, @Fiona_G,

    Thanks for Your answer. We are not using Paypal and we really would like to pay using bank card. BTW, we have used several of them, issued by different banks to different persons.

    I have tried to reach sales team and customer support. Sales team (Mr. Mikko **last name removed by moderator**) seems to be interested only in upselling business license (starting with 358.80€ per year instead of remote worker license for 166.80€) and is not interested at all in website payment gateway problems (hey, there are some customers, who are struggling giving money to your company!).

    It's impossible to reach customer support at all for customers, who have no license (including those, who want to buy it).

    I really expect it's not the company policy, to make extra problems for customers who are trying buy cost-effective license, in order to convince them for more expensive business licenses, yet it seems most reasonable explanation for current situation...

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