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Network issue in the Application Stack?

BryceXAG Posts: 3 ✭✭
edited March 10 in General Questions

*We are currently running into issues with MacOS Big Sur and controlling a remote machine when there is both WiFi and Ethernet connected (specifically through a USB to Ethernet adapter.)*

BigSur and Teamviewer compatibility.

When teamviewer is installed on a MacBook (Intel) with MacOS 11 BigSur. The screen Session freezes after a few minutes of connectivity for the remote support user, but not on the host machine. Support side can still click and interact on the host machine but with screen still frozen support side. Both Support and Host machine are running MacOS 11 BigSur. We have completely uninstalled and reinstalled TeamViewer on both machines a couple of time but to no avail. We seem to have found one culprit, we have noticed that this happens when the machine is connected to both Wifi and Ethernet, through a plugged in adapter. Everything goes back to normal once the Ethernet is disconnected. This is happening with different adapters, but not all adapters.

Defective Adapters: [The link has been removed as per the community guidelines.]

Hyper Drive no longer listed online.

The Anker USB C hub does not have the same issue. [The link has been removed as per the community guidelines.]

The USB adapters work perfectly fine for other end use on the machines, but freeze the host screen for remote support when they are connected.

This is more of a request to see if something is broken in the current network application stack of the current release with Big Sur.

We have several of these different adapters out in the field and have not had a problem up until recently.

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