Cannot connect to Ubuntu 20.04 computer, hangs on "connecting..."

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I have a Ubuntu 20.04 computer and recently have been unable to connect to the computer. It says "connecting to home..." with "Initializing display parameters", then the screen just minimizes with no error messages. What might be going on? thanks



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    Same here on openSUSE Leap 15.2.

    What info do you need?

  • mikalo
    mikalo Posts: 14 ✭✭ it works again.

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    Did you verify that you weren't trying to connect when there was no display?

    I've verified that I can't connect to my system if Kodi is running (separate user). It'll just sit there "initialising" until it dies.

    If no user is logged in, it connects fine. Or if my user is logged in, it connects fine.

    My Kodi users doesn't have a desktop; it goes straight to Kodi player, and if I exit it goes straight to lightdm.

    If I walk over to the living room I can see a Teamviewer popup in the middle of the screen which can't be moved, nor removed, and I also see the side-popup saying I am connected, but on my main device it still says "initialising".