Upgrading from TeamViewer 9 to TeamViewer 15

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I'm running into issues with upgrading TeamViewer 9. On TV9, I have my account added to the whitelist to help with security. Currently I am attempting to upgrade TV9 to TV15 on Ubuntu 16.04. When I do this, I lose connection temporarily...this is when TV9 closes and TV15 loads up. When I attempt to log back in, I am getting a connection failure message. If I attempt to connect specifically from the ID, I see an error that I've either been blacklisted or am not on the whitelist.

What's interesting is that this upgrade worked seamlessly on 18.04. I install TV15 through my TV9 connection, temporarily lose connection while the 2 programs are shifting, however the new connection picks back up fine and the whitelist name stays listed in the TV15 application.

Furthermore, even though TV15 doesn't work out-of-box with Ubuntu 14.04, I installed TV13 without issue.

There seems to be something occurring on 16.04 where the whitelist name is lost and therefore I lose my connection permanently.

Any thoughts?

P.S. I've attempted to remove the whitelist name completely from TV9 and then performed the upgrade, however I get the same error.



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    pelle989 Posts: 1

    Looking into this further...upgrading from 9 to 15 wipes the password and whitelist, so the error is correct in that the device is expecting the whitelist but nothing is entered.