Someone connected to my computer

Greetings! Someone connected to my computer, took only one file, and closed connection. There was a random password, and noone had an easy access to this computer, where should i look for the name of file, which was downloaded from my PC?


  • Esther
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    Hi Andrey,

    I am sorry to hear someone connected to your computer.

    First of all: Please review our security handbook and make sure to set up your TeamViewer with the recommended security settings (Easy Access, 2FA, Whitelist, disable passwords).

    There is a window in the lower right corner of your screen when it comes to a file transfer that has to be removed manually by clicking the "X" button - clicking the popup itself will open up the File Transfer Event Log.

    On the File Transfer Event Log you can see the file path and with this the name of the file that has been transfered. The Event Log remains open on your desktop even after the connection ends until you close it manually.

    A file transfer via Drag and drop does not show the file name in the Event Log, but it requires a remote control connection to perform the file transfer.

    In the Incoming_connections.txt file, you should be able to see who connected to your device and when. This maybe helps you with the investigation.

    If the connection was unwanted, I recommend reaching out to the police to report this.

    Thanks and stay safe,


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