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Remotely controlling Android from Android unattended

LostinView Posts: 1
edited March 16 in Mobile

I'm trying to remotely control an android device unattended (device A). I installed Team viewer host on the device.

From a PC I am able to connect to the device. However I want to connect to the device VIA another mobile device (device B). I've installed Team viewer on Device B and tried to connect to device A but the connection fails.

How do I get this to work?


  • JoshP
    JoshP Posts: 471 Senior Moderator

    Hello @LostinView

    Thanks for your post, and welcome to the TeamViewer Community!

    In order to assist, we require more information. Could you please explain in more detail?

    Did you encounter an error message, and if so, what did it say?

    Thanks in advance 🍀

    Josh P.
    Senior Community Moderator

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  • John_T
    John_T Posts: 3 Newbie

    Me too!

    I installed TV Host on my Motorola G Power.

    The phone appears in my Management Console list of Devices on my Windows PC.

    When I click Connect next to the device on the PC, a dialog opens on the phone and says:

    "Exposing sensitive info during casting/recording....blah blah... Cancel Start Now"

    On the PC the dialog says "Connecting to motorola_moto g..."

    I do not think that is "unattended" access.

    How do I make it so no one has to click something on the phone in order for me to control it from my PC???

  • John_T
    John_T Posts: 3 Newbie

    Part 2:

    More importantly, where on can I find complete instructions to set up unattended access to an android phone?

    The only instructions I could find referred to unattended access to a PC.

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