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Apply new registry settings file

Hello, I am trying to apply a new registry settings file to a number a systems that currently have TeamViewer 12 Host version installed with a previous settings file.

Currently my powershell script (deployed through Intune) does the following steps:

Stops TeamViewer if it is running

Removes the following registry folders if they exist:





Downloads the new registry file.

Imports the new registry file using this command:

Start-Process regedit -ArgumentList "/s import C:\temp\Teamviewer12_Host_Settings.reg"

I can see this imports the settings under the local machine hive in the registry, but the settings under current user are still defaults.

I also first tried just stopping TV and importing the new settings file without deleting the current HKLM/CM paths, but that did not work.

Any suggestions on the best way to accomplish this would be appreciated. My next steps would be to completely uninstall TV on the systems, then perform a fresh install with the new settings file.

I've tested a fresh install on a new system using the new settings file successfully, so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

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