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Teamviewer not starting: Launching TeamViewer GUI...

ILIam Posts: 1


I use Orange Pi Zero 2 (without display, only ssh and VNC-Viewer). OS - Debian 4.9.170-sun50iw9. I have installed Teamviewer for armfh (teamviewer-host_15.16.8_armhf.deb). The Teamviewer on Orangepi works and I can see it even in Teamviewer client. But when I try to connect to Orangepi there is problem with initialization display. Then I try to start dummy monitor by

sudo X :7 -config dummy-1920x1080.conf &

DISPLAY=:7 teamviewer &

I see:


CheckCPU: armv7l|aarch64

Checking setup...

Launching TeamViewer ...

Launching TeamViewer GUI ...

and nothing. Can smb help me?