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Revert back to personal use


I was using TeamViewer for many years, personal use only.

Last year, I bought a Remote Access (RA) license since I had to switch to home office for work. Now the license expired and I did not renew it because I do not need it anymore for work. However, I would still like to use it for personal use, e.g. PC support for family and such.

Now, if I try to connect to one of my contacts (confirmation prompt method), it tells me that I can only connect to licensed computers and that I need to add the computer to my list of licensed computers (which seems impossible since I only have the contact and no ID). Before buying the RA license, this was never an issue.

It seems to me, TeamViewer still treats me as a RA customer and limits my use to "work connections only" restrictions, like the three computer license limit.

How can I switch back to pure personal free use, without adding computers to any (non existent) license?

Thank you


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