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Accidentally Turned Off Reconnect to Partner Question

I am using Team Viewer 10. When I first installed, when I would get disconnected from a PC I was viewing/controlling (for example if I restarted it) the program would ask me something like "Do you want to reconnect with partner after it comes back?" And most times my answer would be yes. It was a very handy feature.

However, at some point I accidentally checked a little box that said "don't ask again" and it has never asked me again, and the default is that it does not automatically reconnect.

How can I get this question to pop up again upon a disconnect?


  • JeanK
    JeanK Posts: 3,655 Moderator
    edited March 31

    Hello @cztraub,

    I recommend you uninstalling TeamViewer by removing the settings as described here:

    and to start with a fresh installation again.

    French Community Moderator
  • cztraub
    cztraub Posts: 1

    Your suggestion is much appreciated, and yes, this would solve my problem -- but seriously? -- a well thought out, name brand product like Team Viewer has no capability to undo an accidental click of the mouse outside of uninstalling the entire program and reinstalling? It just boggles the mind.

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