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What is the "Migrate now to the latest version" button in my Teamviewer account settings?

My Teamviewer license was upgraded. In my Teamviewer website, under Design & Deploy, the custom modules tab has a message.... "Your TeamViewer license has been activated - You can now migrate your modules to the latest TeamViewer version.." And then there is a button, "Migrate now to the latest version."

I'm concerned if I click that, it's going to upgrade my user machines. I don't want that right now, not all at once. I cannot have connection get lost with people working remotely.

Does that button just upgrade the account's .msi custom installer? I have one there from a previous version of Teamviewer. I would like to make a new one for the latest version of Teamviewer, with a custom skin. I don't want to click that button and find out the hard way it's not what I thought.


  • JoshP
    JoshP Posts: 462 Senior Moderator

    Hello @tvquestions2021

    Thanks for your post.

    This message only refers to your custom module download links; rest assured, it does not update your client devices (already installed modules).

    The button in the Management Console will update your download links so that all future clicks/downloads of your custom module will be in your new licensed versions.

    This means you do not have to create all new modules in the latest version, and can instead edit any of your existing ones, after clicking 'migrate'.

    You can update your clients at your leisure afterwards.

    Hope this helps clarify 🍀

    Josh P.
    Senior Community Moderator

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