Alert me when a machine reappears

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Similar to how when a machine restarts, Teamviewer offer to alert me when it reappears. I want that same alert, but in this case the remote machine is offline. I just want Teamviewer to wait and alert me when it's back online. Usually that's within an hour or two, maybe slightly longer. There are some cases where a user has a machine offsite and I won't see it again for years. I wouldn't mind some kind of alert in that scenario either. However, that long term kind of alert (maybe an email?) would need to survive computers restarting and possibly even different computers that I work on, so an email does sound like a better solution. A pop alert for something like 24 hours on the machine I'm on as long as it doesn't restart sounds good. And also an email option so Teamviewer sits and waits for a machine to reappear, which may not happen for years.

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