TeamViewer logs find specific information


I had a meeting on team viewer and accidentally shared some confidential information for 0.5 seconds.

Is there a way to see on the logs if the other party was recording the session?

From the logs I can see that I allow generally recording:

`Received_AccessControlSettings: RCAccessControl: RemoteControl='Allowed', FileTransfer='Allowed', ControlRemoteTV='Allowed', SwitchSides='Allowed', AllowDisableRemoteInput='Allowed', AllowVPN='Allowed', AllowPartnerViewDesktop='Allowed', ShareMyFiles='Allowed', ShareFilesWithMe='Allowed', PrintOnMyPrinters='Allowed', PrintOnRemotePrinters='Allowed', SessionRecording='Allowed', ExecuteScripts='After confirmation'`

but that doenst mean that the other party was actually recording.

Can i find these information on my logs? what is their tags?