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Can't add RasPi to account

MakeHela Posts: 1


I installed TeamVIewer-host on my RasPi, everything went fluently and should be OK.

When "Adding this device as 'raspberrypi' to the group 'Omat tietokoneet' of your account Ma.. ..maa. Do you want to continue? (y/n) [n] y

Adding device to your account

Setting up your device

Unable to add this device to your account. Please contact [email protected] if the problem persists."

The quoted text is a copy of the TeamViewer-host response on RasPi terminal.

On the RasPi screen I can see two windows with messages: 1) Teamviewer is not yet accessible and 2) Internal server error

On the management console I can see on "my computers' list" one "raspberry" listed; but unable to connect to it.

Any advise? ( Is this a technical issue or commercial, as I'm a non-paying passenger...)

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