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Pros and cons of Easy Access vs. a password for unattended access

Is Easy Access more secure and safer than using a password?


  • tvquestions2021
    tvquestions2021 Posts: 8 ✭✭

    Not in terms of the password strength itself, but in terms of someone teasing that password out of a machine. The personal password is stored on the machine in the registry, correct? I remember something about a previous version of Teamviewer being vulnerable, that if someone with admin rights on the machine, they could pull that personal password off the machine if they wanted. Is that still true with the latest version of Teamviewer?

    The solution to that is Easy Access, tying the machine to one Teamviewer account, then? If the personal password is secure enough, I don't mind having both the personal password and Easy Access option, to be redundant, so I can always connect to remote user machines.

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