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Hello everyone!

I encountered a strange behavior creating metrics via SDK. Running the SendMetricValues example, the following happens:

  • once created, metrics are visible in IoT web interface for a while (seconds), then they disappear (sensor remains, but with no metric inside). See first and second pictures.
  • When application pushes values, metrics appear again, but the displayed name (label) is now turned into metric's id (so they are unreadable). See third picture.

Any idea?

I'm on Ubuntu 16.04, with SDK 1.0.10.




  • mircea_c
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    Hi @P_Cap

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Could you tell what version of the IoT Agent is running on the device?

    You can check this by running "sudo teamviewer-iot-agent info" command.

    Also, could you please try installing the previous version of the IoT Agent?

    Here is the link for download the Debian package X86-X64. I assumed that this is your configuration.



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  • P_Cap
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    Hi @mircea_c

    I'm currently running the version 2.14.13 of IoT Agent.

    Another issue I've found is that OnPushMetricValues() callback function is never invoked even if TVCMI_PushMetricValuesCallbackSet() was successfully called.

    Anyway, I will try the previous version of IoT Agent and I will let you know.

    Thanks, regards


  • P_Cap
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    Update: IoT Agent version 2.12.16 works fine for me! Created metrics remain as expected. I can now work with this version. 👍️

    I'm not yet able to detect when the values are pushed, so I cannot destroy the values container. I will continue to investigate on it.

    Many thanks again, regards