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Mid-low range phone for full TV remote control

tdonline Posts: 5 ✭✭

I'm sure this is familiar...I provide IT support for my non-tech mother from thousands of miles away. She is currently on a Hauwei Honor 6 phone. It has been great, it's easy for me to get in and gives me full control of her phone and it's been very reliable. Unfortunately, the phone is very old and needs to be replaced. I would love to buy another Hauwei phone for her but the company is no longer supported by Google in the US.

So I'm looking for confirmation of potential phones. I need to know 1) phone can be 100% remote controlled by TV and 2) very reliable. My mom is is basic user so she doesn't need anything fancy but the phone just needs to work well.

Would love to know if you have experience with the following;

Google Pixel 4a

Moto G Power (2021)

Samsung Galaxy A51

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S9 and I know it works with TV and I'm considering buying a pre-owned certified one for my mom. It's a good phone but worry that at 3 years old, Samsung will soon stop supporting it.

I also have a Nokia 6.1 and again, it works well with TV but I had such a horrible experience with it (sending it to Nokia for service 3X) and I worry about Nokia's reliability. Otherwise I would consider the Nokia 7.

Thanks in advance.


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