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Cant remember permanent PW to use remote control

kf4ms_ Posts: 1 Newbie

Haven't used TV in a while. I operate 2 online web based small internet radio stations for our Church. I use TV to on rare occasions to remote control my 2 pc's at home while I am at work. Both pc's at home are running TV. I mistakenly decided to use a permanent PW to do this remote control thingy. I saved the new Permanent Remote Control PW in my old phone....which I have no longer. I have both my Allow Remote Control, YOUR ID INFO for both machines. I have my username and pw to get into TV, just can no longer actually do the Remote Control when one or the other goes down. Solution?


  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 3,559 Community Manager 🌍

    Sorry to hear you can´t connect at the moment!

    If you are still displaying a random password on your TeamViewer, you could ask someone who is in the same building to tell you the password visible on your TeamViewer.

    Otherwise, there is no other way to connect besides going to the computer directly. once at the device, I recommend activating Easy access instead of a password. With Easy access, you have a very high-security level but at the same time not a password you can forget. It's a win-win 👍

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