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activate my license

Veronika_Averyanova Posts: 1 Newbie
edited April 19 in Remote Access License

Hello, I can not activate my license. I receive message "Thanks for your request. We sent the Customer Portal Activation Link to the following email address: [removed per Community Guidelines].

It is a wrong email. The correct email is [removed per Community Guidelines]

Invoice number is [removed per Community Guidelines]

Please help and fix.


  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 3,559 Community Manager 🌍

    The activation link for the Customer Portal is not the same as the activation link for the license itself. Did you order the license? If so - did you receive the email for the Customer Portal and the license already?

    If it was someone else ordering the license, would you mind asking them to send you the email for the license activation?

    Thanks, Esther

    Community Manager
  • Atina
    Atina Posts: 1 Newbie

    We utilized the activation link to register our subscription and activate our account. We even uninstalled the free version and reinstalled the Windows 64-bit from the TeamViewer website, but when we log in it still says we are using the "free" account and keeps kicking out our remote access. How do we get access to our subscription?

  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 3,559 Community Manager 🌍

    Hi Atina,

    Can you please verify whether the TeamViewer account you activated the license on is the same account you are using for logging in to the software?

    Thansk, Esther

    Community Manager
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