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Is an app that pays a few cents to click ads a "commercial environment" ?

haunt Posts: 2 Newbie

Hello everyone. I just recently got my phone flagged for "commercial usage" while my home pc account it was being used to connect to is still unflagged. Before I go through all the hassle of trying to claim it was not commercial usage I wanted to ask about whether an app (that claims to pay users a few centers a minute to listen to music but requires ad clicks and survey clicks) being on the same phone as TV is enough to warrant it being listed as commercial environment.

I can only guess that this is why my phone got flagged as nothing else I do can be even remotely flagged as commercial. I only ever use TV on my phone to connect to my home pc computer and read fanfiction while lying in bed. I do this because my phone's browser function stopped working so I was using TV as a workaround.

Then suddenly today (without any change in how I was using TV) I saw a message about commercial use suspected and would shut down after 5 minutes. I shut it down then shut down my music app "Current" and tried to restart TV only now it says the free license is suspended. I suspect this app has to be the root cause for the license issue since I only started using Current semi recently and had not been using TV lately so it might have been the first occasion I used both apps at same time.

So here is my question to the TV community and anyone official with the company. There are a lot of apps now such as Current, ibotta, cash em, etc. which pay users a few cents in virtual currency (which can then after enough points are saved up be in turn redeemed in gift cards) while watch ads or do surveys or whatever. Do these apps count as a commercial environment for the license since technically you are getting gift cards for using them?

If answer is yes then I will accept that and not fight this flagging. But if answer is no then why did I get flagged like this?


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