Serial numbers in TeamViewer Host android 10+

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Since Android has banned to read serial numbers of devices, we have in our manager for each record of the teamviwer Host, a line with "unknow", which does not allow us to differentiate the devices.

I am aware that the serial number issue is not Teamviewer's fault, but for the time it has been going on, I am surprised that no other solution has been found.

I suggested TeamViewer Support tu use the ID that is generated by the app, it's looks the best for me.

When registering the device instead of marking unknown why not put the ID instead?

And why not give us easier and more efficient access to retrieve this ID on android by calling the TeamViewer Host using a simple java procedure?


  • JBV
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    i have the same problem

    i cannot use Teamviewer Host for android, i use only the quicksupport ...... it's not cool !

  • Michael_Oli
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    Old post sorry but the only one I found on this subject.

    We are trying Teamviewer and we have the same problem.

    We are using Intune too, and it's not possible in the app configuration to use a system variable, like the user account, or the device name... for sending it to Teamwiever?

    Like that it's impossible to user Teamwiever host and we need to use Quicksupport.

  • Michael_Oli
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    Sorry I speak to quickly. The solution is here : Intune Integration - Installation and User Guide - TeamViewer Support

    I indicate the IMEI.