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Issue with teamviewer mobile asking for passwords randomly

RDO_TrackMan Posts: 1

We don't use passwords to remote into our Android tablets. Recently we had issues these couple of weeks when it started that certain teamviewer users are not able to access the devices and when attempting it prompts for password yet other users doesn't have this issue. Also the users that's trying to access these devices has full control access on the group.

We install the hsot add-on and teamviewer host on the tablet then assign the device using a login and password that exists in the teamviewer account. Once assigned we move the device to the specified group. All user agents has access to all the group with full contol. However, some agents that's using the teamviewer are getting password prompts which we don't know what it is as we don't use any. We tried the assignee password and the user agent's password which doesn't work. We been using this process for over a year without any issues until recently this month. We haven't made any changes with our process, procedure or hardware. All the old setup are fine, just any new setups we have been doing is impacted.


Trying to see if this is a bug that started recently or if anyone encountered this issue?


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