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I am having problems with using my own mail server with service camp. I am running exchange 2016 and have imap and smtp enabled. I can use many 3rd party email software using our imap settings but no matter what I do I get connections errors when trying to configure it on ServiceCamp. Has anyone had success with the own mail server option? I even made a gmail account and used the imap settings and could only get the incoming to work, not outgoing. The "other configuration" drop down menu is also greyed out. The error shows as the following when using my own server settings: I have x'd out my domain. Thanks in advance. I have an open ticket for days with TeamViewer and they don't appear to respond to tickets.

Incoming connection failed with the following error:

Can't connect to mailserver.xxxxxx.org,993: Refused

Not connected. No email resource at: {mailserver.xxxxxxx.org:993/imap/notls}INBOX



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    I have this same issue. Do these questions get answers? I don't see much use for a community knowledge base if the questions do not get answered?