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How to Block all TeamViewer Versions and Programs in all the Windows 2008 Domain

EWM Posts: 1 Newbie

Hi, im The IT administrator and Security Expert of a big University. We have more de 30.000 Students.

We have SCCM 2002 With Windows defender running

We don't have any TeamViewer Licensees bought. But there are a lot of Users Downloading and executing the different Free TeamViewers Apps ( Portable, QS, etc.)

All the installed TeamViewer APPS are controlled by our SCCM, uninstalling the application, but has no Control over Portable ones.!!!!

But , how can I disable / block/ or whatever, the use of TeamViewer in the All University ?

The It Security Group has inform all The Users that TeamViewer, and other Remote Desktop Applications are NOT ALLOWED in our Institution, but there are a lot of users that Download's and/or execute, TeamViewer Programs , again and again.

So I need to block completely the use of TeamViewer in Our Institution, Site Wide.!!!!!!

Please you Help


Eduardo Weber

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