Cannot control remote PC - Cannot Assign Device

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I have been trying for a couple weeks now, on why I cannot assign a device to my account. Further to that, that same device, I cannot control certain options like sending CTRL-ALT-DELETE or rebooting the device remotely etc. It appears to be a permissions thing but I am running TM as SUDO on the device (Debian - Q4OS), and on my desktop that I am using to remote into the device is admin by default (WIndows 10).

When I try to assign the device to my account, I get "Administrator verification required" in red bold letters.

How can I fix this??


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    I deleted computer assigned to account and uninstalled teamviewer. I then reinstalled, added computer to account, enable easy access and it worked. During the adding to account I was prompting in linux for permissions (sudo) to make modifications.

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    The response that I got back from TeamViewer was that it wasn't supported in Linux.

    However, that's actually not true because I reinstalled Linux however when I reinstalled TeamViewer after the installation of Linux, I did it differently the second time around using the command line to install it (at least I think that's what I did versus using GDebi to install the deb file). And then I was back on track and able to control it from another computer.

    Now I could be wrong, it could have been the other way around, so I apologize I can't remember exactly. I've since switched back to Windows because Linux was constantly giving me problems to use it as a media server. I'm using Windows 11 now and I've literally had no problems.

    If you're going to test my example, could you confirm once you're finally able to control / assign it to another device to help others please?

    I do know for a fact that it is something that can be done and that the answer I got was wrong but I had nothing to go on when I got that answer and I had to believe them at the time. It wasn't until I had reinstalled Linux and then reinstalled TeamViewer where it worked the second time around, that's when I realized that it depends on how it's installed.