How to report an incorrect teamviewer website link

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Since TeamViewer has outsourced all interaction for unpaid users to the TeamViewer Community, I'm wondering how to I report an incorrect website link on one of teamviewers websites??

It is on the website which supposedly should guide someone who is using teamviewer free for personal use on how to reset the account when commercial use was falsely detected. Which it was in my case.

At the bottom of the page, there is a link to use a "commercial use form" to reset account and allow free usage again. It points to: which then of course gets set back to the teamviewer homepage since it is an invalid link. It should be set to:

I had to go outside of teamviewers website in order to find the correct website to reset my account to free usage (poor webpage design)...

Well, Anyways there it is. I tried for roughly 30 min on how to just email or chat with teamviewer and can't since free account or even find a way to submit a website issue to them. Hopefully someone has an idea here in order to report and help other people in the future find the reset-management page...


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    Hello @klinsinow,

    Thank you for reporting this.

    I could not confirm what you have observed. The link leads me successfully to

    Could you try to clear your cookies & cache and try again?

    If this does not solve the issue, could you please let us know (via private message if you want) in which country you are located, so we can investigate further?

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  • klinsinow
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    I'm in USA. Still doesn't work properly (first link) on any of my windows based computers. I've used first link and always get redirect to home page. I know something is off when performing a google search of the webapage address and first result is Teamviewers home page, not the commercial-use-suspected link. I've also used the code "site:" with Google search and the first link and comes up with no results. I've used hard refresh on firefox to force refresh of the website link. Always goes back to teamview homepage.

    Doesn't really matter other than being a "dead link". I'm not sure why, however teamviewer is almost unusable for me now as a free program to login to personal computer or for family support. Very often "detects" commercial usage (of course always at the worst times). And then wait two days after submitting the ticket (especially if a weekend). I get it, I'm not paying for it, however they should just shift to only a paid model (like [Third party product] did years ago) or fix the detection for commercial. The rub is a "free user" can't even get tech support to discuss the issue with TeamViewer. Just continually submit the paper work again and again and again to verify non-commercial usage.