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Newbie here – can’t get rid of the pop-up authorization screen for initial remote accessing

GSTgst Posts: 2 ✭✭

Initially trying out the free version. Want to try and use my iPhone 11 to access my Windows laptop at home. Everything seems to work fine, except when I try and “Remote Control” the laptop a message pops on the laptop that says that (my name) want to access this devise and it starts a 30 second countdown clock. Obviously if I’m not sitting at the laptop, I can’t click the authorization and it defeats the whole remote access purpose. I’ve researched the subject and enacted a number of features, but nothing bypasses this pop-up screen. I’ve saved the password of the laptop into the iPhone TeamViewer ID profile. I’ve built into the laptop the TeamViewer ID # of the iPhone. I’ve also checked off granting easy access for myself. Help! Thank you.  


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