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Mac connecting to Windows - User logout disconnect

I'm using a Mac and connected to a remote user who is on Windows 10. Once connected, I logged them out, then logged into a different user profile on that machine and took care of my business. This worked for a handful of Windows 10 machines, BUT, on some of them, when I log the first user out, the whole Teamviewer session disconnects. Repeated connections yield the same result- I'm unable, on some machines, to login as a different user. All of these machines were setup the same way with the same installer- what am I missing?


  • David_Hunter
    David_Hunter Posts: 2 Newbie

    One other thing, instead of logging the first user out, and then logging into the second user account, I am able to login to the second user account without logging the first one out, but this is not a viable workaround longterm.

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