TFA for Connections - Only ping connecting user

tpjasper Posts: 3 ✭✭

VERY HAPPY to see this new feature (I suggested this 5 years ago!).

However it seems redundant and frankly super annoying to ping everyone's phone when a connection is made.

Surely the 2FA request should only be sent to the phone of the person connecting to the computer (if that persons phone is registered as a device).

As a team we often have a scenario where multiple team viewer users connect to a common PC. Obviously I would like to secure these connections by adding each user's mobile to Teamviewer TFA. However this will get very annoying quickly when EVERYONE gets a notification every time ANYONE connects to the common PC.

Great feature, But I seriously can't use it if this isn't improved.

(Obviously if the user is an external party then its acceptable for everyone to get a ping. Alternatively perhaps the external user could select who to ping)

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