Risk of duplicate ID:s



I'm using TV to connect to industrial PC:s of our customers. Sometimes I need to update the entire content of those PC:s by applying a new hard drive image to them. The way I do that is that I take an exactly the same kind of computer I have at the office and I apply a GENERALIZED WINDOWS IMAGE to it. After that I install everything else including TV to the computer. After that, I take an image of that PC and the apply that image to the PC of the customer. I DO NOT USE that same image to any other PC. When I do another update to some other customer I do the entire process all over including the use of the GENERALIZED windows image.

I do this to ensure that every windows installation is unique even though its moved to another computer after the installation.

The question is that do I have a risk of having identical TV ID:s in when doing this way? Because I install the stuff originally to the same PC and the move it forwards, even when I use generalized windows image each time?